Thursday, January 27, 2011

lIKE i lOVE yoU~~~

looking at your pictures

that was a year ago

we were dating at the beach

waiting for the sunset

what a great memories

thought i will forget it

but now you have gone

far away from my life

i live in sadness

for all those year

since you've been gone

i live in sorrow

as ur memories keep

playing on my mind

again and again

dont know where to find

the remedy for the misery

that completely nested on my heart

where im going to find you

because im losing my breath

as you are my air

as the day went away

the roses that you keep

keep losing its life

cuz you were its life

you were its sunshine

you were its energy

you were its evertyhing

because i know its need you

need your love

need your kisses

need you for everything...

because it know it love you


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I'M SORRY~~~ Y???

Hye guys....

herm actually im a bit sad because i don't have much time to spend some time for my LOVE ONE...

lately, i found that i don't take much time for her because of my WORKS that is so much... but with the strength that i have i can handle it....

but to her... i fell so guilty because i don't sms her often... and sometime i forgot to reply her message then only few hours later i notice that there are few sms that haven't been read yet....

i love her so much and i want her to understand that i always love her no matter what...

i hope i can save times for her... to relpy her sms... to chat with her... IM SOORY DEAR... I DIDN'T MEAN to do that.....

and one thing u dont have to be sorry with me because im the one whose wrong and im the one whom should be the one to say SORRY...

all i can say is.... " U ALWAYS BEEN IN MY HEART FOREVER AND INFINITY...XOXO....^^ "


herm and Hye....

sudah lama saya tidak mengUPDATE blog ini dan rasa sayang pula untuk dibiarkan begitu saja....

apa yang terjadi kepada hidup saya????

herm... xtaw pulak macamana nak explain, tapikan pagi tadi rasa nak mengumpat lah pulak tapi malaslah just saya nak share satu phrase yang berbunyi begini....

" i'll be good to u if u be good to me too... and i'll respect u if u respect me too.... and lastly i'll smiled at u if u smile to me too....."


tulah rasa nak share lah sedikit benda kat cni.... daripada phrase tu, kita boleh highlight tiga benda penting yang saya rasa menjadi panduan dan prinsip dalam hidup saya....

yang pertama... BERBAIK-BAIK DENGAN ORANG~~~

yang nie, saya rasakan sekiranya orang tu nak berbaik-baik dengan saya... INSYALLAH...saya yakin saya akan berbuat baik dengan dia juga.... dan sekiranya orang tersebut tidak ingin berbaik2 dengan saya malah cuba nak masuk campur hal orang lain... INSYAALLAH saya boleh sabar... tapi sabar tu ada HADnya~~~

yang kedua.... RESPECT EACH OTHER....

kalau kita respect orang, orang akan respect kita balik tapi jika orang tidak respect sayalah sekirnya.... maka jangan haraplah saya nak respect orang tue... xlah saya kurang ajar sama dia just mungkin saya tidak akan cuba untuk berkawan dengan dia.... bercakap dengan dia... but for profesional purpose i'll be profesional....

yang ketiga.... SENYUM....

oklah.... saya nie jenis yang kurang senyum... sometime saja saya senyum tapi x bermaksud saya nie SOMBONG... mark my word there... hahahah..... entahlah yang pasti senyum bukanlah satu habit bagi saya... tapi kalau dengan orang tua.... herm... mestilah saya senyum dan cuba untuk memaniskan muka... hahahha....

that's all for today.... see ya LATER....